The Most Comprehensive Event on Manufacturing Robots, Software, Solutions, and SI IN ASEAN

20–23 NOVEMBER 2019


“ROBOT X at METALEX,” the most comprehensive series of events on industrial robots in ASEAN, will show metalworking industrialists how your productivity can be raised to unprecedented level through the biggest gathering of the most advanced industrial robots and solutions.
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Outpacing and outperforming in the A.I. era will be easier at “ROBOT X,” the most comprehensive series of events on industrial robots in ASEAN. ROBOT X will transfer new powers to transform manufacturing in the hearts of emerging industrial cities, the hottest markets of the region. Buyers will experience capabilities beyond imagination from leading brands of industrial robots from around the world, complete with System Integrators, tools, and solutions from leading international brands as well as in-depth “A.I. Forum” seminar and endless opportunities. Scheduled for 20 – 23 November 2019, at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, together with “METALEX 2019,” No. 1 Machine Tools & Metalworking Exhibition Serving ASEAN – 33rd Edition.

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Trust in Safety from with UR16e from AUTOFLEXIBLE ADVANCED ENGINEERING
Work with a cobot UR16e with confidence as it has passed compliance regulations and safety standards for unobstructed human-robot collaboration, including EN ISO 13849-1, PLd Category 3, and full EN ISO 10218-1...

Glimpse Convenience of the Future with PEANUT from CONNEXALL
CONNEXALL CO., LTD. will introduce the Autonomous Commercial Service Robot PEANUT which can be programmed through smart interaction with voice, visual recognition and intelligent UI. ...

Overcome Production Limit with Robots from Epson
Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Robots has been a leading supplier for more than 35 years to manufacturing shops throughout the world who need high-speed, high-precision assembly and material handling. Those looking to improve overall quality can rely on the variety of the latest robots from Epson...

Reduce Labor Wage up to 50% with LT1500-B-6 General TYPE from EXCELLENT ENGINEERING
Nowadays, technology seems to fly on a jet pace. A variety of robots have been developed to tackle more important functions within the production line to fulfill versatile requirements...

High precision is Feasible with FANUC SCARA SR-3iA/SR-6iA
The ultra-compact size and lightweight makes SCARA SR-3iA/SR-6iA from FANUC THAI LIMITED easy to install and save space. It is compatible with FANUC Intelligence option such as iRVision (Integrated Vision), Line tracking, LVC (Learning Vibration Control) and many others...

Arm Your Precision Welding with FRONIUS DeltaSpot
Managing Director of Fronius (Thailand) Ltd. Mr. Reinhold Wiesmeyr has disclosed that as one of the global leaders in robotic welding, arc and resistance spot welding, as well as covering the entire spectrum of MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG...

Handle Automation Effectively with IAI ROBOT’S ELECYLINDER
The growing awareness among ASEAN industrialists about upgrading to smart production line with automation comes with concern about cost and skill efficiency. Hence, IAI ROBOT (THAILAND) CO., LTD. under the President Mr. Toru Ishida, has offered the solution in the form of ELECYLINDER...

KAWASAKI’s New Paint Spray Robot KJ155
KAWASAKI MOTORS ENTERPRISE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has over 50 years of experience in robotics industry with the first established sales and services center in Thailand in 2009, before expanding to Rayong and Atutthaya in subsequent years...

Mitsubishi proudly introduces the new robot: Cobot RV-5AS-D-S99
With the latest Collaborative Robots RV-5AS-D-S99, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will introduce the much more advanced and improve collaborative robot with included safety option that focuses on collaboration alongside human, easy setup and teaching position with RT Visual Box...

NACHI to Introduce the Smallest Articulated Robot “MZ01”
Following the recent movement of many electrical device companies into ASEAN, NACHI TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. realizes these manufacturers’ need for equipment that can assemble very small parts fast without relying on manual labor...

7-Axis Robotic Arm Controllable with PC from Oriental Motor
The movement in the industrial sector to reduce the cost has increased the use of robots drastically. Therefore, it is imperative for manufacturers to maintain quality by allocating the tasks that can be automated to the robots...

Transporting Items with Ease with PBA’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)
Business nowadays has become increasingly competitive. As such, robotics and automation can help manufacturers gain an edge. Mr. U-Gene Chan, Deputy General Manager of PBA ROBOTICS THAILAND CO., LTD...

Get Effective Precision Control with “QUICK MES” by QUICK ERP
Quick ERP Co., Ltd. is an expertise in developing management systems for manufacturing industry. As the market and Thailand has grown dramatically in the last 10 years and the technologies has moved towards 4.0 era, the company under the guidance of Mr. Paisan Sae-lee would introduce “QUICK MES”...

Manage Automated Manufacturing with SMC Fieldbus System
IoT has almost become a standard of today’s industry. Therefore, SMC (Thailand) Ltd. will introduce the Fieldbus System with Wireless communication EX600-W...

Rise to Greater Competitiveness with “SIASUN XIAOTIAN Quadruped Robot”
SIASUN ROBOT & AUTOMATION CO., LTD. is dedicated to promoting the industry upgrade in ASEAN especially in Thailand as the leading robotic and automation solution provider from China...

Digitize Your Production Line with P1 by SUMIPOL’s Smart Quality Control
P1 AUTOMATION LIMITED is a systems integrator of factory automation, part of the SUMIPOL GROUP that specializes in process improvement consultation, problem analysis, and production activity design...

Ready for 24-Hr Production with TCR Robotics’ High-precision Stamping Manipulator Series, TPH Series
To empower industrialists to step into smart manufacturing of the 4.0 era with confidence, TCR ROBOTICS (THAILAND) CO., LTD...

Screw Tightening Made Faster with JR3000 Twin Table from Thai HIBEX
Now you can increase your productivity with Screw Tightening Desktop Robot with Janome JR3000 Twin Table which enables the handling of two workpieces at once, can replace workpieces mid-operation without requiring external PLC. ...

Enhance Productivity with TOYO’s Linear Motion System
TOYO is the biggest production company of aluminum frame electric actuator in China and Taiwan. The company has developed various types of linear motion system such as electric actuator, rod type actuator, slide type actuator, servo cylinder, electric gripper, linear motor robot...

Be Ready for the age of intelligent production with U-Industrial Tech
U-Industrial Tech Co., Ltd. is an theorized dealer for world-class electric machines and equipment. The company focuses on supporting the industrial sector through high quality products and services to ensure customers’ highest satisfaction...

Trust UNiBoT iR Series from UNICAL for Every Industry
One of ROBOT X’s prominent exhibitors, Phatchara Ngo (Ph.D), Managing Director of UNICAL WORKS CO., LTD. has disclosed that the featured model he will showcase for the 2019 edition to enable industrialists towards smart and efficient manufacturing is the UNibOt iR Series that include iR18-600, iR18-800, iR18-1000, and iR18-1200...

Achieve Flawless Measurement with “IN-SIGHT LASER PROFILER” from WJ Machine Vision
WJ Machine Vision Co., Ltd. was established by a Thai-Japanese management team with expertise in automated machine vision design. The powerful vision system genuinely gives the most effective monitoring system that will significantly reduce defected goods”...

Raise the Bar toward Industry 4.0 with YASKAWA i3-Mechatronics
Yaskawa Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s i3-Mechatronics is a new solution concept that has further evolved with the addition of digital data management to solutions for automating systems...

Exhibitor Profile

  • Industrial Robots
  • Control System Technology
  • Sensor Technology
  • Software
  • Motor & Drive Technology
  • PLC
  • Fieldbus
  • Vision
  • Simulation & Testing
  • System Integrator
  • Related Product & Equipment
  • Services and Service Providers

Visitor Profiles

  • Aerospace & Automotive, Parts Manufacturing
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Architecture & Design
  • Building & Construction
  • Electrical / Electronics Manufacturing
  • Engineering, Contracting Manufacturing & Turnkey Projects
  • Food & Beverage Machine
  • Furniture
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing & Processing
  • Material Testing & Inspection
  • Medical Profession, Dentistry, Medical Division
  • Metal Component & Products Manufacturing
  • Mould & Die
  • Motor & Vehicles
  • Oil & Gas
  • Parts & Bearing
  • Petroleum & Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical
  • Rubber & Plastic Products Manufacturing
  • Ship Building / Marine Engineering
  • Tools
  • Transport, Storage & Handling
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